Raw sake
Olive yeast
Raw sake
Olive yeast
Raw sake
Kawatsuru Junmai Ginjo Limited Raw Sake Omachi
This is a guide to the distributor-limited product "Kawazuru Junmai Ginjo Limited Raw Hara Sake Omachi".
Junmai Ginjo brewed with Omachi rice is brewed with a focus on bringing out the flavor width and depth that are characteristic of our company and the acidity that is characteristic of Omachi in a refreshing scent.
Please enjoy the plump and pleasant taste and the lively finish of the new sake.
Kawatsuru Junmai Limited Raw Sake
This is a limited number of pure rice raw sake brewed with Sanuki-born sake rice "Sanukiyoimai". The scent is mild, and we aimed for a taste that feels sweetness and sourness in a soft taste. We hope that you will feel the food culture, climate, and history of the area where we have walked together.
Thank you for your patience with this carefully brewed product.
Kawatsuru Junmai Limited Directly Pumped Unfiltered Raw Sake
This is a guide to the first special contract product brewed with "Ooseto", a new sake from Reiwa 2nd year, and sake rice from Kagawa prefecture!
By slowly brewing at low temperature, I was able to firmly express the freshness and dynamism produced by the directly drawn raw sake. With its mellow flavor and refreshing sharpness, we will deliver a taste that you will not get tired of drinking.
Please feel the appearance of Kawazuru who is the same member as last year and has more power than last year.
Kawatsuru Special Junmai Limited Raw Sake
Sake brewing rice "Ooseto" representing Kagawa.
In this season's brewing, in order to bring out the flavor of Ooseto rice, we carefully prepared it at a lower temperature than last year.
A special pure rice liquor that brings out the goodness of the aftertaste with the umami and refreshing aroma of rice and the pleasant refreshing acidity. Please enjoy the fresh taste just squeezed.
Olive yeast
KAWATSURU Olive Junmai Ginjo Raw Sake -Sanuki Olive Yeast Preparation-
As a result of a joint search for original sake yeast by the Kagawa Prefecture Sake Brewery Association and Kagawa Prefecture for the purpose of manufacturing and selling products with high regionality and uniqueness, yeast was collected from olives on Kozushima.
Using Sanuki olive yeast called "KO18", it has an elegant, muscat-like scent and a fresh taste with minerals.
The clean and light acid accentuates the taste and sharpness of the intonation.
Please feel the unique taste of freshly made sake straight.
KAWATSURU Olive Junmai Ginjo Raw Sake Tanano no Ta -Sanuki Olive Yeast Preparation-
We used Sanuki olive yeast called "KO18", which was collected from Shodoshima olives that started last year, and this time we brewed it in collaboration with our contract farmer Yamada Nishiki.
It expresses the depth and depth that Yamada Nishiki brings to the fresh taste that feels the elegant and muscat-like scent and minerals. The gentle acidity of olive yeast and the softness of Yamada Nishiki make it a bit different from Ooseto. Please feel the unique taste of freshly made sake straight.
KAWATSURU Olive Junmai Ginjo (W) -Sanuki Olive Yeast Preparation-
Using Sanuki olive yeast called "KO18" from Kagawa prefecture and rice oseto from Kagawa prefecture, it was carefully finished at low temperature. It has matured over a summer and has achieved an inflectional taste. The beautiful and light acid accents the taste of autumn.
Kawatsuru Light -Sanuki Olive Yeast Preparation-
This term's "Light" is even more challenging than last year, and usually it is made with lactic acid, but it is prepared with white jiuqu. Being careful of germ contamination, the preparation was delicate, but I found a new possibility to expand the range of preparation in the future. In addition, the jarring was done immediately after the upper tank to confine the fresh taste. You can feel the mellow aroma and taste reminiscent of white wine and the delicious acidity.
Please enjoy Kawatsuru's new challenge.